The Performance And Operation Of The All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator Are Unbalanced

The performance and operation of the All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator are unbalanced
Performance and operation of the All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator The performance of the dust collector's skeleton directly affects the service life of the bag and the use of the All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator. The most direct consequence is that the dust bag is scratched during the injection process, causing the All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator to produce a leaky grease. After this situation, not only need to replace the dust skeleton, but also to replace the dust bag, All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator post-maintenance to bring greater expenses. High-quality dust skeleton not only long service life, and there will be no welding scraping dust bag bag phenomenon.
Dust skeleton is the ribs of the filter bag, it should be lightweight, easy to install and maintain, the quality of the frame directly affect the dust filter bag filter status and service life. Use a high frequency welding machine to weld a skeleton. Use a wire or stainless steel wire with sufficient strength and rigidity. Galvanized, spray, plating silicone and other treatment.
First, when the amount of dust recovered too much is due to the initial design of the predetermined value is not correct, such as the amount of dust can not reach the predetermined value, the beginning must continue to take out the dust to control the amount of recovery. All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton of the maximum dust capacity so far, the dust skeleton and thus burn the accident occurred in the early stages of operation. In addition, the sudden changes in gas temperature have a bad effect on the fan, should avoid this situation.
Second, the dust bag cage operation early, often 1 day to several days are not ash, these dust in the bag, All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator dust skeleton, then discharged in order. Dust discharge cycle is not correct can not form a chaotic operating system.
Third, due to changes in temperature may cause changes in the fan shaft, dust skeleton to form an unbalanced state, causing vibration. In addition, in the rest of the operation, such as the sharp decline in temperature, and then start the time there is the risk of vibration, auxiliary equipment pipes and dust cover is an important subsidiary equipment, in the early operation is very easy through abnormal vibration, inhale effect is not good, Poor handling and other failures to determine.
All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator is a relatively mature product of the market, and the production of All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator manufacturers uneven technology, some manufacturers because of the immature technology, many manufacturers produced All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator dust efficiency And can not achieve satisfactory results. For the dust system is concerned, no matter how good the product under certain conditions, will also be subject to certain factors of interference. Based on the experience of our many years of All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator, several major dust removal efficiency factors have been summarized for the All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator design.
The main influencing factors are:
First, the nature of dust. The dust removal efficiency of All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator is directly related to the size, severity, shape, electrostatic effect and dust concentration of dust particles. According to Dongguan environmental experts introduced for the larger particles, heavy, irregular shape and static effect of dust, the dust removal efficiency is higher.
Second, the performance of dust bag.
Filter cloth performance on the dust removal efficiency and resistance have a greater impact. Filter cloth material should have the following conditions:
1, can block the passage of small dust, fabric latitude and longitude by the hole to be small, and latitude and longitude lines themselves to be fine, to increase the effective area of the screen to reduce the resistance;
2, the fabric of the hair to be long and flexible, so that it can cover the hole, and has a certain strength;
3, in order to facilitate the use of reverse air cleaning, the fabric of the villi is located in the dusty air contact side.
Third, the impact of filtering speed
The lower the filtration rate, the easier it is to form a dust layer with a small diameter and a large porosity. The more the dust particles can be trapped, the filtration wind speed is too high, the dust particles penetrate the filter, so that the filtration efficiency is reduced. Of course, through the phenomenon can also be selected by the appropriate filter to be overcome. In addition, some filter, filter wind speed in a certain range, the dust removal efficiency is almost unaffected.
Fourth, the impact of dust on the filter layer All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator put into operation early, the new filter without dust layer, the ability to capture dust at this time is low, with the filter powder process, the dust layer gradually The dust removal efficiency is improved, and when the dust layer is completely formed, the filtration efficiency is more than 99%, and it has a good catch for small dust particles less than 1μm.