Technical Characteristics Of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator

Technical Characteristics of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator
 Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator along the feeding pipe into the separator, the purification plant and the effect of the face. The dust collector is made of high quality electroplated sheet, which is advantageous for dust collection and deinking. The material and air are separated in the separator, the material is discharged directly from the bottom, the air enters the Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator, and the non-corrosive wet dust Better anti-corrosion effect; the use of rigid structure of the electrode, corona extremely stainless steel needle, after purification of the gas discharged from the export, when the dust on the bag surface to a certain thickness, resulting in equipment resistance rose to the set value , Micro differential pressure control signal has signal output.
Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator signal, through the flue gas distribution device evenly into the filter bag, so that the injection system work, the electromagnetic pulse valve to open, then compressed air from the air bag sequence through the pulse valve and nozzle to the filter bag, and electricity Long-term use of dust removal does not increase the exhaust resistance, greatly conducive to the collection of dust dust, dust in the process that is blocked by the outside of the bag, attached to the bag outside the dust from the bag into the hopper, and then by the Turn the ash discharge valve to drain the dust. After the electrostatic treatment of dust collected into small groups and flakes, the automatic vibration directly onto the conveyor belt back to the library; purified air through the exhaust fan into the atmosphere. The principle of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator is dust dust from the introduction of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator imports, with the use of reliable and long life advantages.
 Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator is one of the main equipment that can effectively control dust pollution, and has high dust removal efficiency. With the increase of dust emission index, Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator adaptability, high efficiency dust removal, reliable operation and other advantages gradually emerged, by the industry enterprises of all ages. But also enterprises to deal with more stringent environmental requirements used by the main equipment, Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator performance is mainly affected by five aspects:
1, the quality of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator bag. The quality of the filter bag is the key to the efficiency of electrostatic precipitator dust removal. The requirements of the Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator filter bag material, in addition to good performance filter cloth and specific density and permeability, but also should have good corrosion resistance , Heat resistance and high mechanical strength. Power plant flue gas emission temperature is generally controlled at 120 ~ 160 ℃, usually using polyphenylene sulfide PPS material filter bag. However, in actual use, polyphenylene sulfide PPS by the boiler running oxygen content of the larger impact of flue gas oxygen and temperature on the PPS filter life has a direct impact. Therefore, the flue gas oxygen content is to determine the working life of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator bag one of the main factors.
2, the choice of filtering wind speed. Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator work when the filter wind speed is actually refers to the gas through the filter cloth when the average speed, on behalf of the Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator to deal with gas capacity, Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator is an important technical and economic indicators. If the filter wind speed is too high, the bag life will be shortened; if the filter wind speed is too low, the investment cost will be increased, so the need to choose a reasonable filter wind speed. According to the actual operating experience at home and abroad, the filter wind speed should be controlled at 1.0m / min or so, the use of PPS material PPS can ensure that the filter bag life of 30000h, and for high dust concentration of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator, the filter wind speed Below 0.8m / min. This is evenly distributed in the air flow and extend the life of the bag is more favorable.
3, Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator running resistance. According to theoretical calculations, Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator dust removal efficiency of up to 99%. But in actual operation, will be Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator air leakage and resistance. The lower the air leakage rate, the better the dust removal effect; the resistance is reduced and the dust removal effect is improved. Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator resistance and injection pressure, the greater the injection pressure, sprayed into the filter bag and the amount of air induced by the more, resulting in the greater the rate of blowing back, the better cleaning effect, industrial electrostatic dust The resistance of the decline in the more obvious. With the increase of blowing pressure, the resistance of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator increases with the increase of filter wind speed, but the rate of increase is more and more slowly. Therefore, within a certain range, increasing the injection pressure can reduce the operating resistance of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator.
4, the medium temperature. When the media temperature rises beyond the working range of the bag, the filter bag will gradually change the performance of dust, such as embrittlement, surface shrinkage, deformation, ventilation, etc., there will be serious "burning bag", the filter bag is damaged, Performance dropped dramatically.
5, filter bag condensation. Condensation is the most common problem in the operation of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitators. The moisture in the medium is the most important factor affecting the condensation of the filter bag. Especially when the high temperature medium is treated, when the filter bag is condensed, the initial dust layer on the surface of the bag will contain moisture, Compaction, thereby accelerating the corrosion and damage of the filter bag, resulting in loss of elastic bag, can not work properly. Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator filter bag quality, filter the choice of wind speed, as well as Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator running resistance, medium temperature, filter bag condensation, etc. will not only affect the dust removal efficiency, but also affect the dust performance, hinder the bag Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator normal work.