Negative Pressure Reverse Blow Bag Dust Filter

Negative pressure reverse blow bag dust filter, control industrial boiler exhaust gas pollution. Practice shows that the filter bag dust collector with investment, covers an area of small, large filter area, stable performance, high treatment efficiency, reliable recovery of dry ash comprehensive utilization, effectively protecting the environment is a good performance, can meet the requirements of the current environmental protection laws, trusty efficient dust removal devices.

For effective to governance boiler exhaust pollution, the factory in full study research filter bags dust technology based Shang, combined horizontal fast loaded chain furnace row boiler, run of features, and according to production requirements and site conditions, for furnace business should be itself design negative pressure anti-blow filter bags dust collector, put dust collector set in boiler introduction wind machine negative pressure district, using introduction wind machine composition dust collector system negative pressure, used in the alkaline glass fiber filter material, to boycott flue gas in the SO2 of corrosion.

Fundamentally negative pressure reverse blow bag dust collector control pollution, clean carbon concentration was significantly lower than the national standard.