Market Situation Of ESP Industry

Market Situation of ESP Industry

In the 21st century, due to the large-scale development of China's heavy industry, the industrial output value of ESP in China has increased rapidly year by year. At present, China's ESP technology has matured, product technology has entered the international advanced ranks, ESP from the equipment itself to intelligent high and low voltage power supply and insulation accessories are all domestic, and some products are exported. At the same time, the application of ESP technology in large-scale units in various industries is mature, and it currently accounts for the majority of the market for the application of high temperature flue gas dust control.

According to the traditional statistical method, the output value of 49 enterprises accounted for 85% of the total output value of ESP in China, while the sales revenue of the whole industry in 2014 was 21.4 billion yuan, and the export value of the whole industry was 1.36 billion yuan. Because most of the key enterprises in the electrostatic precipitator industry are diversified, the sales revenue of electrostatic precipitator in 2014 will be about 13.9 billion yuan, taking electrostatic precipitator products as 65% of the sales revenue of environmental