Inlet Concentration Of Dust

Entrance of dust concentration, which is determined by the technology of dust, in the design or when choosing a bag, it is second only to air capacity is an important factor. Expressed as g/m or g/Nm.

For the bag, and will directly affect the concentration of dust in the entrance to the following factors:

⑴ pressure loss and cleaning cycles. Inlet concentration dust faster on the same filter area, pressure loss increases, the result is to increase frequency of cleaning.

B bag and body wear. In cases with strong abrasive dust, wear can be considered proportional to the concentration of dust.

C taking of dust it is necessary. Taking of dust in front of the entrance to the dust collector is an additional level of dust removal equipment, also known as pre-dedusting.

D-ash-ash discharge capacity of the device. Ash plant ash discharge capacity should be able to discharge all of the dust-dust dust concentration multiplied by the volume is equal to the entrance.

⑸ mode of operation. Bag filters are divided into both positive and negative pressure operation, to reduce fan wear, the inlet concentration should not be using positive pressure mode of operation.