Influence Of Skeleton Of Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator On Environment

Influence of skeleton of Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator on environment
 Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton in the work of the inevitable exposure to high-risk working environment, where the high risk is not for people, but the Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton has a strong harmful working environment. Such as corrosive, high temperature, severe vibration and so on. The life of Commerical Electrostatic Precipitators in this working environment is relatively short. Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton in the actual work may not be completely avoided, so we can only minimize the Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton in this environment work time.
    Corrosive substances common in coal, heavy oil fuel due to the presence of sulfur molecules in the formation of sulfuric acid gas, or water will produce a variety of salt dust, these are more common, direct or indirect corrosion of Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton , Reduce the strength and toughness of Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton. High temperature, vibration of the environment will also cause the same consequences, but also may make the welding point loose.
Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton filter bag filter: dust bag is a single layer of fabric surrounded by the column body, usually round, which is characterized by simple structure, easy to clean. When the dusty air through the filter bag, by means of screening, collision, interception and other effects of dust from the air separation. Dust filter bag filter has the advantage of high filtration efficiency, dust removal efficiency in the textile mill dust chamber up to 99.5% or more, simple structure, low power consumption. Disadvantages are prone to fire, filter bag is easy to gel, the amount of air filter per unit area is small, need a large amount of filter cloth, after a short period of time after cleaning, filtered air dust concentration is high, poor working conditions.
Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton filter dust removal mechanism is the filter effect, direct interception, diffusion settlement, inertial collision and electrostatic adsorption and other short-range capture mechanism of the combined effect. When the dust-laden air passes through the filter media such as grid, fabric, non-woven fabric, foam, etc., the dust is formed in the dust layer formed inside or the surface of the filter material and the filter layer formed on the upper layer of the powder, Separated. With the thickening of the dust layer, the need to regularly remove the dust layer to ensure the continuous dust removal process. Textile fiber dust collector according to the different forms of dust collector structure, textile fiber dust filter dust filter, filling filter bed filter, filter bag filter and so on.
 Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton is part of the heart of the bag filter parts, the quality of the normal operation of the dust collector plays a decisive role in the general, the following teach you how to determine the Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton good Bad:
Skeleton using high-quality carbon steel primary welding molding, play a role in supporting the dust bag, after the spray, galvanized and other surface treatment, enhanced corrosion-resistant acid and alkali performance. Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton in different industries, the use of features and play a different role, according to the different circumstances of dust, to ensure that the environment clean.
Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton quality difference between good and bad:
The quality of the Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton can remove the different forms and performance of the gas, will not cause significant harm to the Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton and performance can not guarantee the value and role in use, to ensure that can play an important performance and value The But the customer in the choice of time must pay attention to poor Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton directly affect the life of the dust bag and the use of dust collector effect.
The quality of the Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton in the course of the use of open welding phenomenon, the most direct consequence is the process of blowing dust bag will be broken, so that the phenomenon of dust collector dust. After this situation, not only need to replace the Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton, but also to replace the dust bag, the late maintenance of the precipitator to bring greater expenses.