Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator Market Prospects

Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator Market Prospects
The world's environmental protection industry with an annual output value of up to 600 billion US dollars, known as the development potential of the "sunrise industry." Experts predict that this year China's environmental protection machinery manufacturing industry output value will reach 50 billion -600 billion yuan, an annual growth of 12% -16%.
 China's "Eleventh Five-Year" period of environmental protection investment plan reached 1.4 trillion yuan, taking into account the difficulty of emission reduction targets and has accumulated high environmental debt, 1.4 trillion yuan investment scale is likely to be a breakthrough. From the 1970s to the late 1980s, the annual compound growth rate of the US environmental protection industry has been between 10% and 15%. The annual compound growth rate of China's environmental protection industry is expected to reach 15% -20% over the next 20 years.
 In China's environmental protection investment, environmental protection machinery occupies an Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator machinery manufacturing industry in the future is vast. According to China's environmental protection machinery "Eleventh Five-Year" plan, "Eleventh Five-Year" period the annual growth rate of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator annual growth rate will be more than 15% in 2020 to reach 240 billion yuan, and China's environmental protection industry compound annual growth rate And environmental protection machinery "Eleventh Five-Year" plan compared to the growth rate is not fast, the next two years to enhance the space is very large.
 China's Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator in the field or in the development stage, the domestic enterprise structure scattered, the number of enterprises engaged in many, but mainly small and medium enterprises, concentration is not high, enterprise products, high technology and equipment is still less. Also specific to the listed companies, the number of companies involved in the field is limited, and there is little in the technical or market size to occupy a significant advantage of the enterprise, industry representation is also very weak.
 However, the country is using the policy and market development of the two-wheel drive industry development, the next two years the industry will accelerate the development of the country to increase investment, expanding domestic demand will give Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator industry has brought great opportunities for development. The State Council introduced ten measures to expand domestic demand, including environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction in terms of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator industry, it will obviously benefit from this.
Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator is a dry filter device. Filter material used for some time, due to sieve, collision, retention, diffusion, static and other effects, the bag surface accumulation of a layer of dust, this layer of dust called the primary, in the subsequent movement of the process, the primary Filter the main filter layer, relying on the role of the primary layer, the larger the filter can also get a higher filter efficiency. With the accumulation of dust on the surface of the filter, the efficiency and resistance of the precipitator are correspondingly increased, when the pressure difference on both sides of the filter, it will be attached to some of the filter on the fine dust particles squeezed in the past, So that the efficiency of the precipitator. In addition, the excessive resistance of the dust collector will significantly reduce the air volume of the dust removal system. Therefore, the resistance of the precipitator to a certain value, it is necessary to timely cleaning. Cleaning can not damage the primary layer, so as to avoid the decline in efficiency.
 Working principle Filter dust collector refers to the dust-laden flue through the filter layer, the air in the dust particles are blocked by the filter layer to capture, in order to achieve gas-solid separation equipment. Filter-type dust removal device, including Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator and particle layer dust collector, the former is usually made of organic fiber or inorganic fiber fabric filter bag as the filter layer, while the latter filter layer using different particle size particles, such as quartz sand, River sand, ceramsite, slag and other components. Accompanied by powder repeated attached to the outer surface of the filter bag, the powder layer of continuous thickening, Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator resistance value also increases; pulse valve issued a command, left and right when the pulse valve open, high pressure air bag Compressed air pass, if there is no dust or a small degree to a certain extent, the mechanical cleaning work will stop working.