Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator Has A Good Effect

Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator has a good effect

Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator has the highest dust collection efficiency, which can take down the micro-dust and smoke that are the most harmful to human body. It is used in all walks of life. For example: cement, power generation, steel, sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid, plastic, nonferrous metal smelting, enamel calcium carbide, coking, coal-fired boilers, kiln, electronic glass, workshop air purification, etc. In my unit and a profession development, the application of new products, electric Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator, good effect, can run safely and reliably, the dust collecting efficiency more than 99.8% of the emissions concentration reach and exceed the national standard, get expert's consistent recognition and praise of users.

Around the air quality has also been a serious test, and autumn is the ash haze weather season, so environmental problems will become the talk of people every day, under such an environment, Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator used in industrial dust removal again valued, and sales on the market also gradually increased, in the face of such market, sales is certain. That is, air quality is seriously polluted. The key problem of tackling smog is the reform of bag dust removal in the power industry. Once the standard is stricter, the electric power industry will launch a huge bag - type dusting replacement market. From the perspective of capital market, short-term air quality continues to deteriorate and public opinion is widely concerned. There are trading opportunities in the market. But in the long run, it is still necessary to keep track of government policies on environmental issues.

We should not mix the new dust filter bag and old cloth bag during installation to prevent the different time of damage to the cloth bag. Find out the reason of dust removal bag in dust removal equipment and take corresponding countermeasures. It may be aging with an acidic alkaline solvent. High temperature anomaly in Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator. Check whether the dust filter bag is blocked, this is can be seen by observing the pressure differential gauge, if the differential gauge value increases, means that the increased resistance of dust filter bag, then also shows our dust bag was blocked. At this point we need to temporarily will clear gray intensity is enhanced, and then can't continue to use for replacement, or discarded after all of the replacement, finally in adjust our installation is reasonable.

Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator manufacturer in addition to the timely replacement of lift valve seals, but should also adopt the following measures: lift valve gas pressure regulation between 0.25 ~ 0.5 MPa, ensure each lift valve movements within the designated time, pressure is unfavorable and exorbitant, otherwise easy to negative cylinder seal aging, when leakage point increases, can proper higher gas pressure; Ensure oil and water separator oil supply, oil supply speed cannot be too small, avoid loss of oil. Other, add a certain amount of grease to the stem of the lift cylinder. How to complete the single-machine Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator to replace the cloth bag offline is the user's most vexing question, the dust removal equipment manufacturer and you know how to complete this function. Device Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator skeleton and bag is the most careful in all device and careful operation, and therefore should be performed on the final device, device, dust bag must not with sharp hard knock against, hook, even minor scratches, also can make bag life shorten.