General Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator In The Use Of The Process Often Fall Bag Analysis

General Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator in the use of the process often fall bag analysis
First, the general industrial electrostatic precipitator flower hole: General industrial electrostatic precipitator flower plate hole is stamping, the use of the mold stamping, large-scale general industrial electrostatic precipitator is made by CNC equipment precision Very high, but some manufacturers use artificial cutting hole, the precision is far less than the equipment, the edge of the hole there is no equipment out of the hole rounded, there is no gap in the circle, the circular scale is also caused by dust bag bulge can not be completely Open or open too much, or the garden is not regular in the expansion ring is open oval is the main reason for falling bags.
       Second, the use of dust bag bulge size with the wrong, this situation rarely occurs, the general probability is very small. If we appear, we will replace the expansion ring free of charge. Control of the inlet dust concentration and the addition of non-flammable powder General industrial electrostatic precipitator in the course of its internal concentration distribution will inevitably make a part of the explosion within the boundaries, in order to improve safety, to avoid dust in the pipeline explosion The concentration between the lower limits. For example, in the dust collection and pulverization grading and other dust collection work, from the design should be noted that it exceeds the upper limit of the high concentration of the operation; in the local collection, etc., will have to maintain the dust concentration in the pipeline Below the lower limit of the low concentration.
An example of using a dilution method to prevent a fire. In the collection of explosive dust, due to the installation of a dust cover, with air diluted dust, the concentration in the pipeline is far below the lower limit of the explosion. From the middle of the system to the pipeline to provide continuous non-flammable powder, such as clay, bentonite, etc., in the dust inside the explosion of dust to dilute, in order to prevent the risk of explosion and fire.
In order to avoid the flue gas temperature rise due to the air preheater jamming or other flue gas combustion failure, to ensure the service life of the filter bag, in the dust collector inlet flue (air preheater outlet) set up emergency water cooling device and alarm system.
When the flue gas temperature rises to the set value when the automatic water cooling, high temperature alarm automatically alarm and notify the control room, if necessary, switch to bypass, close the dust collector inlet and outlet valve, or even consider the shutdown.
(1) General industrial electrostatic precipitator pre-ash
In order to avoid the blockage of the smoke sticky bag, before the general industrial electrostatic precipitator before use, the old filter bag is not clear ash, to ensure that a certain layer of dust, the new filter bag should be in the beginning of the unit and low load stable fuel Pre-ash removal.
(1) dust collector inlet is equipped with air distribution plate
The corresponding flue gas balance and soot distribution in the precipitator is an important factor in the performance optimization. General industrial electrostatic precipitator is also an important measure to protect the filter bag from airflow impact and prolong life. Through the experiment, the optimized air flow distribution plate structure is designed to determine the optimal flow rate around the bag bundle and bag bundle. So that the pressure loss and bag wear to reduce the least.