Clean Production Of Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator In Three Forms

Clean production of Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator in three forms
Simple electrostatic precipitator, mainly cover, tube and open three types.
(1) cover type
The cover type Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator is used in the belt conveyor, and the belt center is used as the discharge electrode to cover the dust as the dust collector. Belt machine unloading dust, through the charge after the belt attached to the inner wall of the enclosure. To a certain thickness, the dust by their own weight or through a simple rapping device, so that dust shook on the belt machine.
(2) tube type
Tubular Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator is the most widely used. Usually in the exhaust pipe or chimney hanging between a discharge line, so that dust in situ purification, do not have a separate dedicated dust removal equipment. At present, the common tubular Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator diameter are below lcm. Therefore, when the amount of flue gas is large, multiple tubes can be used in parallel.
(3) open type
Open or open suppression of soot technology, is located in the source of pollution at high voltage electric field, inhibit the spread of dust flying. This Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator is suitable for dust source dispersion, the operator must be close to the dust source point of work and not easy to use other dust prevention measures of the occasion. In the vibrating screen and transport belt, you can use this technology.
Commerical Electrostatic Precipitator dust removal efficiency as high as 99.1%, from the visual can be seen, in addition to the dust pipe exhaust pipe seems to have no dust, the effect is more significant. According to the determination of raw material per minute can be recovered 3 --- 4 kg, according to the recovery of raw materials per minute 3 kg, two raw materials can be recycled daily raw materials 8.64 tons per ton of raw materials for 11 yuan, so that every day Saving 95.04 yuan for the country.
In the mill dust removal system, in addition to do a good job of the pipes and dust collector doors, holes, etc. at the close, but also pay attention to the dust removal of the unloading of the valve and the tail of the unloading of the mouth, slag mouth closed. Such as tight lax, leaking a lot of air and landing dust or material meet, the dust and into the dust removal system, not only reduce the dust collector dust removal efficiency, increased dust into the dust collector concentration, but also affect the equipment ventilation. Such as the bag filter back to the ash pipe on the valve closed lax, a lot of dust will go along the ash into the gray warehouse, and then from the tail unloading ash inhalation dust system, so that part of the dust gas is always grinding Tail dust removal system within the cycle, seriously affecting the grinding ventilation.