All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator Cleaning And Usage

All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator Cleaning and Usage
All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator Reason for uneven cleaning:
All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator in the use of the process should pay attention to: common type (non-explosion class) machine is strictly prohibited in the use of flammable and explosive places; non-special materials dust bag can not smoke burning fire and ultra-high temperature waste; No dust bag, filter case is strictly prohibited, otherwise it will directly lead to fan damage; when the dust bag, filter damage, it should be replaced in time, can not continue to use; vacuum hose can not be flattened, Step on the wear and tear; after the cabinet shell at a higher temperature, especially in continuous work for a long time, pay attention to burns; dust bucket accumulation of excessive debris should be promptly cleaned and regularly clean the bag and filter to ensure smooth; After the overload, the control box thermal relay will automatically cut off the power, then you must unplug the power plug to identify the cause, to be thermal relay reset, the line of use; work is completed, you should cut off the power, placed in a cool dry place. This effectively extends the life of the industrial All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator.
All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator in the pulse cleaning strength and frequency are easy to adjust, but from the top to the bottom of the clean uniformity is not good control.
It is generally believed that the use of felt is better than the woven fabric, although there are also woven fabrics that are tightly woven. The reason is:
(1) pulse cleaning effect is strong, easy to make woven fabric over-cleaning, resulting in cleaning; after excessive leakage of dust, blankets are relatively easy to keep the entire filter bag on the remaining remaining dust, and the blanket itself has Higher dust removal efficiency.
(2) pulsed filter bag export speed is high, the surface of the soft felt than the woven fabric wear resistance stronger.
(3) Felt forming a lower than the resistance, the pores of the dust layer, so to achieve the same pressure drop in the case, the blanket cleaning frequency can be woven less than the fabric.
(4) the use of felt filter filter speed can be higher, the device can be smaller.
(5) Because the mechanical wear of the fabric in the pulsed filter is small, it can be used even if the initial investment of the felt is high.
All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator is now more and more widely used, according to the statistical market share of 2/3, especially the power plant boiler industry for its All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator is more popular. In the purchase of a new product, often do not know how to use it, and a standardized and reasonable operation is not only to improve the All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator dust removal efficiency is also a guarantee for the safety of the operator. So a standardized operating standard is very necessary.
1, the start of the All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator
Before use, in order to prevent clogging of the filter bag, the filter bag must be pre-sprayed (in the first use of the dust bag or used for a long time there is no time in the case), if you just do not need to use Rise step; then check whether all the flue gas ducts are closed, check the device connector will not leak, adjust the pulse frequency, width and blowing pressure, etc.
2, All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator operation
After the start, the bag surface will form a powder layer, in the offline state All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator will be cleaning procedures. In general, the best condition for the All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator is the pressure drop of the dust removal system. Especially the pressure drop of a single filter chamber for All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator. Sudden increase in pressure drop and reduce the filter bag may leak, clogging or cleaning system failure and other issues. For the protection of the filter bag, the pressure drop of each filter room is best not to exceed 2000Pa.
3, filter bag cleaning
Cleaning can be used automatically and manually two ways, and automatically divided into fixed and timing two cleaning methods. Timing control, that is, in the choice of time is "automatic" - "timing" set, when the system to meet certain conditions, the cleaning work began; fixed resistance control is in the choice of "automatic" , But also the system will automatically be cleared after reaching the conditions. While the manual is manually activated by the operator to clean up.