The Necessity Of The Existence Of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator

The necessity of the existence of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator
With everyone to understand the installation of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator requirements it.
    1, the main part of the dust collector to carry out the installation before the inspection and determine the acceptance In accordance with the "Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator installation instructions" and design drawings to install the Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator components, according to confirm the basis of acceptance of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator Of the center of the installation of the benchmark, and as the installation of the anode and cathode system benchmark.
    2, check the flatness of the plane, column spacing and diagonal error
    3, check the shell parts, for the correction of transport deformation, from bottom to top layer to install, such as the bearing group - the end of the beam (check the qualified after the installation of ash bucket, electric field inside the station) - column and side panels - Inlet and outlet (including distribution plate and slotted plate) - Cathode system - Top cover - High voltage power supply and other equipment. Ladder, platform, railings can be installed with the installation order layer by layer, each layer must be installed in accordance with the "static Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator installation instructions" and the requirements of the design drawings to check and record: such as flatness, diagonal, Vertical, pole distance and other installation is completed, the equipment for air tightness inspection, for welding parts of the welding and welding, inspection, welding for welding parts of the welding.
 The presence of Industrial Electrostatic Precipitators is still necessary. Because PM2.5 fine particles are increasingly serious, fog haze days increasing, more and more stringent flue gas emission standards and supervision. Wet Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator WESP (Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator)) is an efficient gas depth purification device, can be a good emission reduction PM2.5 fine particles, SO3 acid mist, gypsum rain, ammonia aerosol, heavy metals, purifying flue gas , To reduce the chimney smoke, to ensure that the flue gas droplets, dust discharge standards, a desulfurization system flue gas purification, treatment PM2.5 fine particles is very important, the state to promote the installation of efficient purification device.
 There are indoor and outdoor type and synthetic resin made of precipitation pole room, the air flow, the direction of gas flow, whether it is plate or tube, mostly vertical or vertical upward flow, the horizontal flow of the way almost No need to. Tubular gas distribution is easy to uniform, is expected to get a higher defogging efficiency, but the construction cost is high,

    Discharge electrode due to resistance to sulfuric acid and lead, so the larger diameter, so corona discharge difficult. To avoid this, add several edges to reduce the radius of curvature. Most of the form of 6-9mm diameter made of stars (copper heart diameter 1-2mm), but also useful soft steel heart line, or with a stainless steel heartline or heartless.