Overview Of Cleaning Methods For Commercial Electrostatic Precipitator

Overview of Cleaning Methods for Commercial Electrostatic Precipitator
Commercial electrostatic precipitator cleaning method is shaking cleaning, its working principle is different from the mechanical cleaning of the vibration in the cleaning and shaking cleaning, but by shaking the axis of the reciprocating shaking to the filter bag in a circular reciprocating force, dust The filter bag converts the reciprocating force into a radial jitter motion, and the amplitude and frequency of the jitter depends on the length of the bag, the radius of the rocking axis and the frequency. When these parameters with a better, the jitter power has the maximum, enough to remove the dust on the filter. Obviously in the filter state, because the filter bag by the pressure of the column and column, the rocker of the reciprocating movement can not be converted into the filter bag radial jitter, which is one of the reasons it must be shut down cleaning.

Stand-alone bag filter is dust-laden gas from the inlet into the hopper or through the flower plate hole in two ways into the dust filter bag. Dust-laden gas through the dust filter bag into the net gas, into the box, and then by the upper part of the tank discharge, by the fan row. Dust accumulated in the dust bag inside the surface and increasing, so that the resistance of the bag filter rising, when the resistance rose to about 1500pa, in order to make the bag filter to work, need to regularly remove the dust on the filter bag, the specific Cleaning, the first choice to close the top of the fan, start the rocking motor, due to shake the motor on the eccentric role, driven by connecting rod so that the rocker axis back and forth around. Dust filter bag was corrugated state, so that the dust fell, unloaded to be cleared to stop shaking the motor, restart the fan, so that the bag filter to start work, the action is controlled by the instrument to automatically complete.

Commercial electrostatic precipitator is dust for the casting, ceramics, glass, wheel manufacturing, chemical, mechanical processing and other industries dust control design of small in situ dust removal unit, with its small size, high efficiency dust removal has won the unanimous praise, Especially in the top of the cement factory, the bottom of the warehouse, belt conveyor and local dust source dust on the effect is obvious, dust removal efficiency is greater than 99.5%, the metal cutting, casting sand and other large proportion of dust, cement, ceramic raw materials dust, , Plastic powder and other medium proportion of dust, and woodworking and other small proportion of dust are good dust removal effect, the emission concentration to ensure that the national emission requirements.

Commercial electrostatic precipitator is a small mechanical vibrating bag filter, mainly used for the top of the library, the bottom of the library, belt conveyor and local dust source dust removal from the unit can be directly discharged from the warehouse can also be directly Fall on the belt, dust from the lower part of the body into the gas. After filtering the filter bag, the clean air is discharged by the draft fan. After the equipment has been working for a period of time, the dust on the dust filter bag is gradually increased, and the resistance of the bag is increased, and the elimination is necessary. After the elimination, the unit will work normally.