Dust Removal Knowledge And General Principle Of All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator

Dust Removal Knowledge and General Principle of All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator
General use of industrial electrostatic precipitator has been more and more, but the dust bag because it is made of fiber fabric or non-woven technology, and then some of the necessary processing. In order to improve the performance of All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitators, it is necessary to carry out some technical treatment on its surface, which will expand the use of All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator, as far as possible to improve the performance of the precipitator.

In the use of All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator for dust, the filter should be how to deal with it? The following by the page Sichuan Machinery Xiaobian to give you a brief introduction:

First, the fleece will be made of polyester staple fiber woven fabric from the fleece machine, in its surface to form a layer of fabric covering the short-term pores. Compared with the general weaving twill fabric, after the pile is easier to form a dust layer, the higher the dust collection rate (generally up to 99.5%); followed by heat setting to ensure the stability of chemical fiber filter size, maintenance of dust and reliable work, The heat treatment should be to increase the density of the needle felt, so that the surface pores become smaller, fluffy hot melt, smooth and smooth; the last is the chemical treatment to improve the filter, especially glass fiber filter Of the dust performance and strong, heat, fire, corrosion and other aspects of the performance, are of great significance.

Pre-coating treatment and surface coating can be a good All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator dust removal after the remaining good filter out, greatly improving its performance.

All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator General principles:

(1) to determine the required dust removal efficiency and emission concentration in accordance with the relevant emission standards, indoor hygiene standards and actual possibilities as specified by the State.

(2) According to the characteristics of dust (dust content, particle size, viscosity, etc.) to determine the flue gas in the dust removal device flow rate, the required filter area, filter and dust removal equipment cleaning method.

(3) According to the characteristics of flue gas (temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, etc.) to determine the structure of the equipment, material selection, and ash and other major measures.

(4) the structure of the equipment, the main components must take into account the possibility of manufacturing, transportation and on-site construction, large-scale All-purpose Industrial Electrostatic Precipitator to disintegrate the program, the main components must clearly put forward the main technical requirements and construction procedures to ensure the construction quality.

(5) to meet the conditions of production use, to ensure that investment equipment as little as possible, low operating costs, energy conservation. But also to ensure that the main operation of the dust collector equipment, reasonable configuration, easy maintenance.