Why over 40% dust collector manufacturers are choosing the world's factory network

With the quickening pace of developments in the global economy, environmental problems more acute. State Thirteen-Five again the inclusion of environmental issues in the planning of the agenda, and detailed guidance, it is recommended that the "Thirteen-Five" period, the greening of formulation and implementation of the national plan of action. The importance of environmental protection provides the opportunity for development of energy saving and environmental protection equipment, 2015 industrial development report shows, Anhui Province, Anhui area precipitator industry showed rapid growth trend.

Dust collector for companies in the industry, rapid development in the industry is "critical", "computer" exist side by side. Market demand for the dust collector provides huge development space for enterprises, but after a large number of enterprises have started to seize this "cake". Information explosion today, audiences attention as "scarce resources", how can companies stand out in many enterprises, direct access to buyers?

Segments of the Internet era, professional and the enterprise e-commerce platform to become dust collector, vertical market of choice. Industrial products e-commerce platform of the largest world network of factories "pay for performance" model, replacing the traditional B2B e-commerce advertising platform to charge membership fees for service. Launch of the "4.0 effective marketing" service, according to the percentage of the transaction amount of the service fee, obtain a lot of corporate attention and praise.