Which occasions are industrial electrostatic precipitators suitable for use

The performance of industrial electrostatic precipitator decreases with the change of specific resistance. Dust-containing gas is separated by electricity when passing through high-voltage electrostatic field. When dust particles are negatively charged with negative ions, they tend to deposit on the surface of the anode. The method of collecting dust by using electrostatic field to ionize gas so that dust particles can be charged and adsorbed on the electrode.

Industrial electrostatic precipitator is suitable for particle control, and its efficiency can reach 98%~99% for dust particles with particle size of 1~2 microns.

In the dust collector, the energy of dust particles separated from the airflow is not supplied by airflow, but directly supplied by dust particles. Therefore, compared with other high-efficiency dust collectors, the resistance of industrial ESP is lower, only 100-200 P.

Industrial electrostatic precipitator can deal with high temperature gas, which is suitable for large-scale projects. The larger the amount of gas treated, the more obvious its economic effect. It is precisely because the industrial electrostatic precipitator has the above advantages that it can be used in some special occasions instead of the bag precipitator to achieve the desired results.www.icleairs.com