What are the reasons for choosing a pipeline ESP?

There are many kinds of dust collectors, but they also need to be selected and used according to the environment used. Like the current pipeline electrostatic precipitator, it is mainly suitable for use in the flue gas environment. It has a very good effect on the removal of flue gas dust, especially for smaller dust. It has a good dust removal effect, which other dust collectors do not have.

The main working principle of pipeline ESP is to use government electrodes to remove dust from flue gas, that is, after the dust is charged, it can be effectively attracted and removed according to the principle of electrodes. In the process of using, it is also necessary to know that an important point is that the electrostatic precipitator needs to be in a high-pressure environment in order to play its greatest dust removal effect.

So the general working voltage is relatively high, and the boost transformer in our dust collector can raise the working voltage to a very high level, so in the case of high voltage, the efficiency of dust removal has a very good guarantee, there are control box and rectifier in the dust collector, general workers. The operating voltage should reach tens of kilovolts, some even more than 100 kilovolts.

When using pipeline ESP, we also need to know that it is a very efficient ESP, and its energy consumption is very low. Moreover, experiments have proved that it can be used normally in many environments, such as in high-temperature flue gas, or in high-temperature flue gas. In the high pressure environment, all can operate normally and dust removal, and we need to invest and its operation costs are very low, suitable for our use and choice.http://www.icleairs.com/