What are the advantages of the tubular electrostatic precipitator?

Pipeline ESP may not be unfamiliar to us. As a very special unloading equipment, it plays an important role in the cleaning and cleaning process of equipment. It can be said that without it, there would be no clean equipment and all our work would be impossible. But only by fully understanding it and maintaining it in time can it last long.

Pipeline electrostatic precipitator is usually installed at the outlet of the machine, and usually works under negative pressure. The upper part of the pipe electrostatic precipitator receives the discharged material. When conveying the material, it relies entirely on the rotating impeller to promote it. At the same time, it can also play a sealing role, so as to prevent discharging. The mouth enters the air. Pipeline electrostatic precipitator is to play a role in promoting the normal discharge work, and is an indispensable role.

Pipeline electrostatic precipitator has many advantages. It can uninterruptedly and uniformly transport materials, thus ensuring the relatively stable state of gas and solid in the gas pipeline, so that the equipment can work normally. At the same time, it can also separate the upper and lower air pressure of the electrostatic precipitator and act as a lock. The effect of fixed airflow.

Another advantage of pipeline electrostatic precipitator is its good temperature resistance, which can reach about 280 degrees. There are some gaps between the bearings and impellers at both ends. Although the small gaps are small, they can also prevent the contact between the extra fine powder and the bearings. Considering all kinds of factors, the electrostatic precipitator is very useful.http://www.icleairs.com/