Unique Requirements and Flue Gas Velocity Distribution of Commercial ESP

Commercial ESP has the following characteristics when it is used: low resistance, low energy consumption and high efficiency of other types of ESP.

1. The unique design of the air distribution structure of the intake.

2. There are three electrodes (discharge electrode, dust collector and auxiliary electrode) in the electric field, which can adjust the pole matching form of the electric field to change the state of the electric field, so as to adapt to the dust treatment with different characteristics and achieve the purification effect.

3. Free suspension of Yin and Yang poles.

4. Corona wire: No matter how long the corona wire is, it is made up of a steel pipe. There is no bolt connection in the middle, so there is no breakdown of the wire.

Improvement of dust removal efficiency by commercial electrostatic precipitator

(1) Improve the uneven distribution of flue gas velocity and adjust the technical parameters of the air distribution device.

(2) Attention should be paid to the insulation of dust collection system to ensure the material and thickness of insulation layer. The insulation layer outside the dust collector will directly affect the temperature of the dust collection gas. Because there is a certain amount of moisture in the external environment, once the temperature of the gas is below the dew point, condensation will occur.www.icleairs.com