Two ways to improve the efficiency of industrial electrostatic dust collector.

If the factory wants to control the working environment of the workshop, it will choose to use industrial electrostatic collector, because it can achieve better air purification effect. However, the general industrial electrostatic dust collector is of limited working efficiency. In order to improve the filtration efficiency of the equipment, some measures should be taken.

First, we can provide applicable filter wind speed for industrial electrostatic dust collector. Filter can remove all kinds of dust, it is because it can take down the dust filter, but the premise is to absorb the air containing dust, so you need to set up some equipment to provide wind speed.

For different dust concentration, should choose different filtration velocity, if the concentration is too high, should be to reduce the wind speed, which can not only improve efficiency, also won't destroy to industrial electrostatic dust collector, so as to prolong the service life of equipment.

Second, but also to timely removal by the industrial electrostatic dust collector, if dust accumulated too much, is likely to affect the filtering effect, at the time of cleaning, if there is residual, filtering effect is capable of achieving the delay state only 20% - 80%.Therefore, when closing the bag dust remover, be sure to clean the dust and clean it.

In addition, the industrial electrostatic dust collector as a new type of compound dust collector, adopted the principle of electrostatic dust removal and bag dust removal, overcomes the disadvantages of single function filter before, it may be said is a major breakthrough in this field, for the absorption of the PM2.5 also has a good effect.In addition, its actual dust absorption rate is higher, up to 70% - 80%, and more environmentally friendly.

In general, to improve the working efficiency of the industrial electrostatic dust collector is not difficult, as long as can be carried out in accordance with the above two aspects of the method, it can effectively improve the efficiency, but also to pay attention to the maintenance of industrial electrostatic dust collector itself, must be timely replacement parts.