Three common layout forms of industrial electrostatic precipitator

There are many layout forms of industrial electrostatic precipitators, but with the development of the times and the perfection of modern factories, many layout forms have been gradually eliminated. Now most manufacturers have three common layout forms: vertical flue gas independent layout, horizontal flue gas independent layout, vertical flue gas and WFGD system integrated layout. .


The advantages of industrial electrostatic precipitators are easy installation and maintenance if they are arranged independently with vertical flue gas flow. The supply form of the system using this form is usually modular and can be connected in many ways on the spot.


When the horizontal flue gas is arranged independently as the layout form of the industrial electrostatic precipitator, it needs to provide special space. In addition, the horizontal flue gas independent layout needs to be designed in a model way, which also increases the difficulty of the design to a certain extent.


In addition, there is an integral layout of vertical flue gas flow and WFGD system. The advantages of the layout are obvious, such as the minimum cost of use, the smallest floor area and so on, and its most obvious feature is its most classic vertical layout, and the use of the top WESP mode, which greatly reduces the internal connection and other structures, from the overall simplification of the system operation mode.