The working process and characteristics of industrial electrostatic precipitator

Industrial electrostatic precipitator is mainly used in industrial furnaces and flue gas dust removal in coal-fired power plants, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, paper-making and other industries. It is the most efficient dust removal equipment at present. Its working principle is divided into gas ionization, dust charging, charged dust moving to the electrode, and charged dust collecting. These four processes.

Compared with other dedusting equipment, industrial electrostatic precipitator has less energy consumption and high dedusting efficiency. It is suitable for removing 0.01-50 micron dust in flue gas, and can be used in high temperature and pressure flue gas occasions. Practice shows that the larger the amount of flue gas treated, the more economical the investment and operation cost of using industrial ESP.

Industrial electrostatic precipitator is designed by introducing and drawing lessons from foreign advanced technology and combining with the characteristics of exhaust gas working conditions of industrial kilns in various industries in China. It not only has wide-spacing horizontal electrostatic precipitator technology, but also has the best wide-spacing and special configuration of plates. It is especially suitable for sulfide bed boilers, new cement dry rotary kilns, sintering machines and so on. The recovery of high specific resistance dust from exhaust gas can slow down or eliminate the phenomenon of back corona.

Industrial electrostatic precipitator also uses a new RS corona wire, which has low corona voltage, high corona current density, strong steel, never damaged, high temperature resistance, heat resistance, combined with top vibration cleaning effect is very good. According to the theory of ash removal, the top discharge pole can be vibrated by mechanical and electromagnetic methods, which is helpful to improve the effect of ash removal.

Because the discharge electrode system of industrial electrostatic precipitator is designed by top vibration, and every electric field is designed by asymmetric suspension creatively, breaking the convention, and the computer software is used to optimize the design, the total length of the electrostatic precipitator is reduced by 3-5 meters and the weight is reduced by 15% in the same total area of dust collection.