The structure and fittings of industrial ESP are also very important

The structural design of industrial electrostatic precipitator must meet the policy requirements of environmental protection department in China for industrial use. Moreover, according to the industrial regulations, different parts play different roles in this respect.


Different industrial electrostatic precipitators have different standards, and we need to pay attention to the structure of accessories, for his overall emission problem, so we say that in the process of ash cleaning, his ability is very important, so to ensure that he can live is bound to ensure the stability of the structure, which can also extend the service life of the equipment.


When adjusting the air conditioning, it is necessary to change some settings about the air volume of his flue gas machine, and different types of boiler products need to show some of their advantages well in the process of using. That will affect the efficiency of his work when cleaning ash for its efficacy and emission concentration equipment, so that when using the products, we should According to its structural characteristics and material classification, the installation of fittings also need to consider its gap docking, so as to ensure very accurate, but also to increase the efficiency of dust