The standard of effective operation efficiency of industrial electrostatic precipitator.

In the process of production management, there is an important work to be done, which is the assessment of the operation of electrostatic precipitator.

To this, can according to the chimney smoke during the day can understand the operation situation of the industrial electrostatic precipitator, but has the certain difficulty to monitor in the evening, so according to the principle of electrostatic precipitator designed a set of evaluation device for industrial electrostatic precipitator operation rate.


The industrial electrostatic precipitator operation rate of the inspection device working principle is that the parallel voltmeter at both ends of a voltage relay, and ammeter in series a current relay, through observation, only the secondary voltage of 455 kv, when the secondary current is 400 ma, industrial electrostatic precipitator dust collecting effect is ideal.


Must be translated by A voltage of 280 v, A current transformer secondary current must achieve 2.5 A, therefore, will be voltage relay setting to 250 v, current setting up to 2 A at A time, voltage relay and current relay normally open contacts at the same time series in A belt calendar quartz clock battery circuits, in this way, only to meet the voltage and current at the same time specified value, the clock can timing, then according to the meter of quartz clock time can calculate the industrial effective operation rate of electrostatic precipitator.


The operation formula of effective operation efficiency of industrial electrostatic precipitator is:

The effective running time of industrial electrostatic precipitator/kiln.

Thus, industrial dust collecting efficiency of electrostatic precipitator is proportional to the drive into the speed of the electric field, flooding into the speed is proportional to the displacement into power, and flooding into power is determined by the secondary voltage and secondary current, therefore, to ensure the dust collecting efficiency of dust removal equipment, to ensure that the secondary voltage and secondary current reaches a certain value.


For secondary voltage and secondary current is proportional to the primary voltage and a current relationship, so as long as the control of every electric field of a voltage and a current not less than a certain value, can well control of industrial dust collecting efficiency of electrostatic precipitator, thus making the workplace environment up to standard.