The layout of the whole pipe electrostatic precipitator and the effectiveness of various components

The whole pipe electrostatic precipitator consists of several parts, such as the shell, the dust collector, the discharge cathode, the insulation device and the flushing system. Each part is responsible for the different functions. From the shell of the tubular electrostatic precipitator, it is generally made of steel lined glass flakes and other corrosion-resistant materials, which are divided into vertical structure and horizontal structure. The shape of the shell is divided into round and square. According to the actual situation, it can be installed on the upper part of the desulfurizing tower or separately.


The intake mode of the pipe electrostatic precipitator can be set differently according to the actual conditions. The vertical structure is basically the lower intake, the upper outgassing, the upper air intake, and the lower outgassing. The horizontal structure of electrostatic precipitator adopts flat inlet and outlet.


The dust anode plate of the pipe electrostatic precipitator is selected with corrosion resistant material. All kinds of materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, and are selected according to the actual conditions of the medium composition and temperature. The flue gas of desulphurization is very large because of the large volume of air treatment. The anode is generally plate type and honeycomb type.


The discharge cathode also has a variety of materials and models to be selected. Corrosion resistant materials are selected according to the gas conditions. The main kinds are as follows: stainless steel, lead antimony alloy and titanium alloy. The main heating methods of the insulation device of the pipe type electrostatic precipitator are electric heating and hot air heating. Prevent the insulated quartz tube from being exposed and creeping.