The dedusting effect of the wet-type industrial electrostatic dust collector in the tunnel kiln of brick factory.

It is a very wise method that the application of wet-type industrial electrostatic dust collector in the tunnel kiln of brick factory.By virtue of its own advantages, it can not only effectively remove the soot from the tunnel kiln, but also enable the dust emission to meet the relevant standards.

How does wet industrial electrostatic precipitator work?

The principle of wet industrial electrostatic precipitator and dry electrostatic precipitator is about the same. It has a dust power of 99% and can capture fine dust under 1um.It can be used for high temperature, high pressure and high humidity. The low resistance pressure loss is only 200 to 300pa, and the dust removal efficiency is significantly improved.

The special dust removal system of the brick factory tunnel kiln is formed by combining the wet industrial electrostatic dust collector with the desulfurization tower and fan and so on. The wet industrial electrostatic dust collector of the glass steel anode tube is made of the synthetic resin as the binder, the glass fiber and its products as the reinforcing material and the carbon fiber as the conductive material. It has the advantages of good conductivity, light weight, corrosion resistance, good flame retardancy, stable performance and high efficiency. It can be applied to the large dust humidity and high oxygen content in the brick factory, and the discharge of the particles is not up to the standard.

When the flue gas in the tunnel kiln passes the flue of the main structure of the main structure of the wet industrial electrostatic dust collector, the smoke and dust are positively charged, the tunnel kiln is wet dedusting, and the flue gas enters the ESP channel setting up the multilayer cathode plate. Because of the interaction between the positive charge dust and the cathode plate, the particulate smoke in the flue gas is adsorbed on the cathode, and the cathode plate is struck at a regular time, so that the smoke and dust with a certain thickness fall in the double weight and vibration. 

The wet industrial electrostatic dust collector mainly consists of the inlet and outlet pipe, the dust collector shell, the diversion plate, the rectifier grid, the cathode line of the anode collecting board, the insulation box, the irrigation water system, the power supply and the control system. The structure types are generally divided into two types of plate type and tube type, the plate type dust collector is flat and the water film is formed. Yes, the corona wire is evenly distributed between the plates. The main body is similar to the dry electrostatic dust collector, which can handle horizontal or vertical flow of flue gas. 

The tube type dust collector is usually composed of a number of parallel circular or polygonal metal tubes, with corona lines distributed in the middle, which only deal with the flue gas flowing vertically. The external components of the wet industrial electrostatic dust collector are common carbon steel with coating on the inner surface to prevent corrosion. It is necessary to control the damage of the inner surface during installation, especially the welding point and the joint of the component.