The Concept and Advantages of Wide Spacing Electrostatic Precipitator

Industrial electrostatic precipitator with wide spacing is an electrostatic purification device, which is mainly used for collecting dust in the flue gas purification industry. Since it is an electrostatic cleaning device, the wide spaced industrial electrostatic precipitator also relies on the discharge electrode to complete the dedusting process. When the anion and cation occur at the high voltage direct current between the two electrodes, the exhaust and dust particles will move to the polar opposite electrode to reach the dust collection and sink. The purpose of the lake.


In the wide spaced industrial electrostatic precipitator, a bipolar vibration system is arranged. When the dust is attached to it, the vibratory hammer bipolar device is periodically shaken off, and the dust will fall from the unloading device on the machine into the lower hopper. The exhaust gas enters the atmosphere through the chimney through the chimney and ends the whole process of the flue gas purification.


For wide spacing electrostatic precipitators, the so-called wide space refers to the distance between the electrostatic precipitator and the 400mm plate, which means that the width between the plates is 300mm wide. Because of the electric field generated in ESP, the demand for high-voltage power equipment. And with the increase of voltage, the driving speed will increase.


Compared with the ordinary industrial electrostatic precipitator, the wide spacing electrostatic precipitator reduces the required plate area and reduces investment because of the widening of the space between the plates. Not only that, under normal conditions, wide spacing industrial electrostatic precipitators can operate under unusual circumstances, and can operate under similar current density and small spark trends, and the range of adaptation is more extensive.


If we analyze the characteristics of the dust collector, the industrial electrostatic precipitator can be divided into two types: tube type and plate type electrostatic precipitator. A tubular electrostatic precipitator is an electrode in the tube, at the center and the surface of the inner wall of a dust collector, and a number of tubes are used; and the plate type electrostatic precipitator is installed in a series of parallel pipes between the poles.


The industrial electrostatic precipitator belongs to a single zone duster, the single layer dust collector in the same area, the particle charge and dust in a single region of ES in the same area; that is, the corona electrode collects electrodes in the same area. It corresponds to a dual industrial electrostatic precipitator. Its filters, dust particles are charged and settled in two areas. The first electrode in the area is dust particles, and the other is in the second area of dust dust. Used for air conditioning systems.