The advantages and use of the tube electrostatic precipitator.

The equipment that we remove from the flue gas is called a dust collector or dust removal device.

At present, electrostatic precipitator and bag filter are the main dust removal equipment in China.

The tube electrostatic precipitator is a typical of electrostatic precipitator and is widely used.

So, what's the difference between it and a cloth bag collector?


From the daily operation state, the automatic control of the tube electrostatic precipitator is relatively complicated. The safety protection of the high-pressure equipment is strict, and the operation requirements of the boiler are not high, but the equipment management is strict.

And the cloth bag dust collector runs very stable, the structure is relatively simple.


Boiler system running changes will have different degrees of the two kinds of filter, the influence of pipeline system to run the dust collection efficiency of electrostatic precipitator are the fluctuation is not big, but carbon concentration also with slight fluctuation of power grid voltage, ensure the normal order of the soot discharge.


In terms of investment costs and operating costs that people are concerned about, in the case of smoke emission concentration of 200mg/ m3, the first investment of cloth bag dust remover is about 10% higher than that of the pipe electrostatic precipitator.

During the overhaul, the main job is to replace the electric field of the Yin and anode plate vibration and ash removal system, the replacement cycle is long, generally in 5-8 years or so, it will save cost from a certain degree.


In the course of use, in order to prevent the dust removal efficiency of the tube electrostatic precipitator, the air leakage of the dust collector should be blocked.

Also, the internal airflow of the dust collector should be prevented.

Because dust source gas contains high dust concentration, even if only 1% short circuit escape, will exceed the emission standard.

So pay attention to design, installation, and maintenance.


In addition, it is necessary to prevent the gas from cooling to the dew point, especially under negative pressure.

If you do not pay attention, it will cause air leakage in the dust collector, so that the gas temperature will be lower than the dew point, which will easily cause the soot to fail.