Structural design of electric field for industrial electrostatic precipitator fittings

Electric field is the core part of the industrial electrostatic precipitator. From the whole, the electric field can be divided into six regions, which are three charging regions and three dust collecting regions, and the charge region is always arranged before the corresponding dust collecting area. In addition, in the first charged electric field and the second charged electric field, because the dust concentration is higher and the dust is thicker, so the industrial electrostatic precipitator this part of the cathode as far as possible to use the improved RS mans spiny line.


In this way, the combination of pulse power supply and RS barbed wire can provide an ideal charging effect for the industrial electrostatic precipitator. Because the RS Mann spines work, the spiny tip can produce a strong corona discharge. The strong ion flow can destroy the negative space charge effect and avoid the corona closure. Meanwhile, the supply of pulse power supply can prevent the formation of the back corona. The two complement each other, forming a relatively high power supply structure, strong adaptability to smoke conditions and strong charging effect.


In the industrial electrostatic precipitator, the third electric field electric field is in the area where the concentration of smoke and dust is relatively small and the fine particles are more. Therefore, their cathode uses the spiral line as much as possible. The radius of curvature is larger and the corona discharge is uniform, so it has good adaptability to the fine dust of high resistivity. Because of the uniform discharge, the charge catching rate of the fine dust in the tail part of the electrostatic precipitator can be greatly improved, and the last pass of the electrostatic precipitator can be grasped. The three discharge dust collecting areas can be designed in the same length, width and height.


The width or the distance between the same poles should be smaller than the current homopolar, so the gap between the anode and cathode of the industrial electrostatic precipitator is generally 400mm, and in the auxiliary electrode area, the effect of the reverse corona can not be considered because the corona current is not produced, so the layout of the electrode is more flexible. The distance between the living and the polar can be shortened from 400mm to 300mm or narrower, increasing the dust collecting area close to 1/3 or more.


As a result, the voltage level of the industrial electrostatic precipitator and the corresponding voltage level of the power equipment will be reduced accordingly. The volume of the electrostatic precipitator will be reduced significantly on the premise of the constant design capacity of the unit, thus reducing the cost of the project and reducing the risk of the work.