Selection Requirements and Filtration Technology of AHU Electrostatic Air Purifier

Requirements for Selection and Purchase of AHU Electrostatic Air Purifier


AHU Electrostatic Air Purifier Need to Choose the Right Purchase Channel


When purchasing air purifiers, it is recommended to purchase them through formal channels such as large shopping malls, electrical stores, brand stores and mainstream e-commerce websites.


Air purifier brand, function, performance, appearance design and price are very different, dazzling. Consumers are advised to choose products according to their actual needs, not the more functions the better.


Filtering Technology of AHU Electrostatic Air Purifier


HEPA filters vary in quality. Although some small brands of HEPA filters have high filtration efficiency, they have high resistance, low energy efficiency ratio, easy blockage and short service life. It is generally recommended to select HEPA filters with deep dust collection with electrostatic electrets.

The purifying capacity of air purifier is mainly determined by the applicable area and the rate of clean air supplied by particulate matter (CADR). The relationship between the two is: the applicable area = CADR * 0.1. The purification capacity of other pollutants should be combined with the applicable