Selection Explanation and Electrode Structure of Tubular Electrostatic Precipitator

The tubular electrostatic precipitator is mainly made of its special tubular three-electrode structure, which is more applicable to the trapped powder. At the same time, a suitable pre-charged electrode is added at the entrance. It can achieve higher dust removal efficiency with a shorter electric field, and the whole electric field is firm and reliable, and the price is lower. Easy to install, adjust, maintain and use, it is an ideal dust removal equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises.


Instructions for Selection of Tube Electrostatic Precipitator


1. The specific resistance of tube-type ESP to dust is 104-1012 Ohm cm. In this range of dust can choose this series of electrostatic precipitators, dust outside the range, generally considered not to choose electrostatic precipitator, can use bag filter or cyclone precipitator.


2. The recommended wind speed is 0.5-1.6 m/min in the working condition of the electric field; the dust specific resistance is higher or lower, and the wind speed should be lower. However, because the nature of gases is ever-changing. The specific resistance of the same dust varies greatly under different meteorological conditions, humidity and temperature. Therefore, the most reliable method is to measure the treated dust in practice.


3. Dust concentration at the entrance: The standard for equipment entrance requirements is generally not more than 35g/m3. When the concentration is more than 35g/m3, special design scheme can be adopted to solve the problem./