Safe application of pipe type electrostatic precipitator as high pressure equipment

As the pipeline electrostatic precipitator is a high-voltage equipment, personal safety is particularly important, so the operation should pay special attention to the following issues. It is forbidden to touch the high temperature part by hand or human body during operation. It must stop when checking, and open the entrance door to cool down to below 40 degrees Celsius to enter.

Safety belts and helmet must be fastened when overhauling or climbing the cathode and anode parts, vibrating parts, distributor boards and other parts of the pipeline ESP. All electric field cavities belong to high voltage dangerous area, and personnel are absolutely not allowed to enter during operation. All entrance doors must have safety interlock.

The ladders, platforms and railings supporting the personnel on the pipeline ESP must be reliable and firm. No water or snow accumulation and no accumulation of debris and waste materials on the corridor should be allowed. All unfavorable factors should be eliminated to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the pipeline ESP.

When the pipeline electrostatic precipitator is running, the cyclone is used to accelerate the velocity of the dust-containing gas rotating downward along the spiral axis, and the centrifugal force is used to remove the coarse particles of the dust, so as to effectively control the dust concentration and purify the environment.