Removal of Pollutants by Pipeline Electrostatic Precipitator

Pipeline ESP is a kind of ideal dust removal equipment, which is mainly used to remove harmful substances such as dust, acid mist, water droplets, aerosol, tar, PM2.5 in humid gas. At present, it has been widely used in power, metallurgy, boilers, chemical industry, waste incineration, building materials and other industries for deep purification of wet flue gas, ultra-low and ultra-clean emissions.

When the wet gas with suspended particles enters the electric field of the pipeline ESP, a large number of electrons moving at high speed to the ESP are emitted from the corona pole because of the high DC voltage applied on the corona pole line of the filter. Under the action of electric field, high-speed moving electrons collide with neutral molecules at high speed, knocking out one or more outer electrons from gas molecules, and neutral molecules are transformed into positive ions and free electrons.

These derived electrons continue to move at high speed under the action of electric field, impacting new neutral molecules and ionizing them. So quickly, new ions and electrons are generated, avalanche ionization occurs in the gas near the corona pole line, forming an ionization zone 2 mm around the pole line. At the same time, the negatively charged particles and electrons are trapped by the fog particles in the transition zone during their movement to the precipitation pole. The neutral particles are charged and grow up. They continue to move to the precipitation pole, and then deposit at the precipitation pole and neutralize electrically.

The gas contains fine suspended particles move along the axis of the pipe in the pipeline ESP. The suspended particles are driven by the gas flow, the gravity of the particle itself, the electric power of the electric field, the friction force of the particle movement and the electric field force. The motion of charged particles in electric field is under the combined action of the above main forces. Therefore, its velocity is called drift