Reasonable Choose of air volume of duct type electrostatic precipitator

When choosing the air volume of pipeline electrostatic precipitator, the air volume of small-sized dust collector is only a few m/h, and the air volume of large and medium-sized wet dust collector can reach millions m/h. Therefore, determining the air volume of pipeline electrostatic precipitator is a factor that can not be ignored. Its size determines the working efficiency of the dust collector and the dust removal efficiency. Different models.


Dust concentration at the inlet of a wet precipitator is determined by the dust-blowing point process. When determining the air handling capacity of a ducted electrostatic precipitator, it is first necessary to look at the amount of gas treated under different operating conditions. At the same time, we should also consider the leakage volume of the dust collector itself, which can not be ignored.


The acquisition of these data depends on years of operating experience and testing data of professional manufacturers; if this data can not be obtained, then it can be calculated according to the amount of gas produced in the production process, and then increase the amount of air mixed into the hood.


With the continuous promotion of national energy conservation and emission reduction and increasingly stringent environmental protection indicators, especially in the non-GGH wet desulfurization low-temperature absorption tower, due to the limitation of the efficiency of mechanical demister, the high moisture content of the flue gas discharged puts forward higher anticorrosion requirements for the chimney. If a pipeline-type electrostatic removal is installed at the rear of the absorption tower. The dust collector will solve the problem thoroughly.