Quality requirements and application characteristics of electrostatic precipitator

In order to ensure the normal operation of pipeline electrostatic precipitator, it must have corrosion-resistant material, corrosion-resistant, light quality, high rigidity, anti-aging, solid internal steel support, no need to do anti-corrosion treatment, long repair period. And it can easily increase the sprinkler and filter net to receive the harmless ingredients in the flue gas.

As a high-quality pipeline electrostatic precipitator, first of all, we should know the temperature of the flue gas to be treated; secondly, when the flue gas containing water mist, dust and other pollutants enters the pipeline electrostatic precipitator to deposit electrodes, because of the collision and dispersion of ions, water mist, dust and pollutants are charged, and then sensitized by electric field. It can reach the inner wall of the deposited electrode and release the charge at the same time. It forms a liquid film on the inner wall of the deposited electrode. The liquid film, dust and pollutants flow into the collecting tank of the lower part of the electrostatic mist eliminator under gravity induction to be combined for treatment, so as to reach the goal of collecting smoke droplets, dust and other pollutants. In addition, it is necessary to measure whether the dust removal and dedusting effect of the pipe type electrostatic precipitator meets the requirements.

For the pipeline electrostatic precipitator, the dust or water mist is charged by low voltage corona discharge, and the charged particles reach the dust collecting plate under the consequence of electric field force. However, in the method of dust removal, the dry type of electric fiberglass reinforced plastic anode tube is beaten by machine, while the wet type of electric fiberglass reinforced plastic anode tube is washed by scouring fluid. The dust captured on the dust collecting board is washed into the ash hopper and then squeezed out.http://www.icleairs.com/