Processing and discharging steps of industrial electrostatic precipitator splice place

Industrial electrostatic precipitator is made up of a variety of components. Since it is made up, there will be a splice place. For industrial electrostatic precipitator splicing place, first we should paste the foam, coat the shell and use the resin sticky foam, then use the reinforcing ring to fix, fix and then lay up the layer. There are certain requirements.

Because the joint is the weak part of the industrial electrostatic precipitator, it should be handled carefully, protected specially, and inspected emphatically. Industrial electrostatic precipitators can remove a lot of dust from the ground and keep the ground clean, but the ash inside the equipment needs to be poured out for a long time to give the equipment some space.

Industrial electrostatic precipitator ash can be blown in a single box after the end, can also be blown in all the box after the end, in principle, should be one by one box ash, not many box at the same time ash. When discharging dust, we must go to the scene to monitor the operation of scraper, hoist, flat belt, ore returning and so on, and then according to the correct order of discharging dust, empty the dust box, the next use of industrial electrostatic precipitator, the speed of its dust collection is faster, pay attention to discharging dust and promptly clean the box.