Practical application of pipe type electrostatic precipitator in Power Plant

On the basis of the original pipe electrostatic precipitator, there is a kind of multi tube high voltage electrostatic precipitator which has been developed and produced. It is proved by the practical use of the power plant. This is a kind of high efficiency and high reliability ideal dust removal equipment. The new tubular electrostatic precipitator is a multi tube vertical structure, and the circular tube is a dust collecting pole. The center of the tube is corona wire.


When the corona line in the pipe electrostatic precipitator is added to a certain DC high pressure, the corona line generates discharge and releases a large number of high speed electrons and positive and negative ions. When the dust gas is passed through a certain velocity in the tube, the high-speed electrons collide with them and are adsorbed on the dust to make the dust charged and charged dust in the electric field. Under the action of force, high speed running to the cylinder with positive electricity, the discharge of charge is deposited on the wall, the self weight after the dust accumulation, automatically stripped to the ash collecting bucket, and automatically discharged to the belt working face by the lock valve, can effectively prevent the high concentration dust from the outlet of the guide slot and the seal clearance.


The whole tube type electrostatic precipitator has high dust removal efficiency, large air volume, 15000 cubic meters of negative pressure, and a series of advantages, such as power consumption, cylinder body without ash, free beating, basic maintenance free, noise free and stable and reliable operation.


When it is used in the power plant, two high voltage electrostatic precipitators can be selected for each transfer station. The installation position is above the outlet of the guide slot at the tail of the belt conveyer, and the steel structure support platform is built with steel structure support. Each belt is equipped with a dust remover to ensure the two belt running at the same time. The requirement of dust removal.


This kind of pipe electrostatic precipitator is controlled by microprocessors and small PLC, and is linked to the starting and stopping of the corresponding belt machine. At the same time, HIA has remote and in-situ control switching functions, and can implement PLC remote monitoring. Its electrical control cabinet adopts wall mounted watertight sealed stainless steel cabinet, equipped with frequency conversion governor to stepless adjust dust removal air volume.


At the same time, a high voltage electrostatic precipitator can be installed in each coal bunker. The dust collector and the high pressure part are installed in the open top platform between the coal bunker. The suction pipe is arranged on the outside of the two belt, and the recovery coal pipe is arranged on the side of the aisle in the middle of the belt. The arrangement of suction pipe and recovery coal pipe will not affect the passage and the normal operation of the plough. The application of equipment not only greatly improves the working environment of the operation and maintenance personnel, ensures the safe and civilized production of the power plant, but also greatly reduces the daily maintenance of the dust collector and improves the automation control level of the whole dust removal equipment.