Pipeline ESP can be maintained well and used longer

High-quality equipment also needs good maintenance in order to make the equipment run normally for a long time. The same is true of pipeline ESP. Strengthening the maintenance of equipment in daily work is the basic condition to ensure the normal operation of ESP.

First of all, we should strengthen the management and monitoring of the pipeline ESP, do a good job of equipment inspection records, timely discovery of problems and timely treatment, to prevent the equipment from operating with faults causing the expansion of the fault scope. During the operation of pipeline ESP, the operation of vibration and ash-unloading transmission mechanism should be checked every 1 hour, the current and voltage values at the high and low voltage side of high voltage silicon rectifier transformer in each electric field, the temperature values at the inlet and outlet of the ESP, and the corresponding data and fault records should be made.

Secondly, clean up the dust in the insulation box and control cabinet once a week, check whether the GK board is firm in the socket, and whether the connection of the wire ends is reliable, especially the ceramic shaft of the vibration device, the high-voltage insulated ceramic seat and the high-voltage ceramic bottle at the output end of the silicon rectifier transformer. If damage is found, it should be replaced in time. According to the dust emission, the working period of the sequential controller can be adjusted in time to control the vibration frequency, or the cathode vibration can be changed from automatic to manual.

In addition, attention should be paid to the adjustment of hot air system. The inner electric heating pipe should be inspected frequently, and the electric heater in the insulating box should be connected 2 hours before use, so that the temperature of the inner components of the box is higher than that of the condensation point of the flue gas. After the equipment starts, the knob on the panel should be adjusted slowly to make the current and voltage rise slowly.

In addition, we should not neglect to check the electric field regularly, replace the broken cathode burr in time, clean up the dust on the two poles, analyze the causes of excessive corona wire and anode plate hanging dust, and make timely treatment or adjustment to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline electrostatic precipitator.www.icleairs.com