Pipeline electrostatic precipitator must be used to purify the environment

Pipeline electrostatic precipitator is a good manifestation of the purification of industrial boilers. There is also a strict regulation for the relevant departments to rectify. The investigation clearly sensed the air environment. When the wind blows, a large number of harmful gases in the smoke are emitted to residential areas. If the air is good, it is necessary to install the pipeline ESP.

Pipeline ESP is a scientific method to solve the pollution caused by electric furnace factory and other industries. With the technology of boiler dust collector as the main dust removal equipment, gradually according to different needs, we can customize different specifications of equipment to meet the requirements of different enterprises.

In the process of production, a large amount of dust is produced and the concentration is very high. For the use of dust collector, it can ensure the uniform distribution of airflow through the design of airflow passage; it can avoid the wear and tear caused by local high-speed sand flushing inside the dust collector; for the design of airflow organization, it saves the cost of maintenance, and can also install the system laterally above the processing machinery park. The dust is sucked into the conveying pipeline by a fan and then sent to the storage bin, which can reduce the dust concentration at the operation point to 2mg/m3.

For the dust-laden airflow or lighter proportion and fibrous dust containing wood and other mixed debris, it has a higher collection capacity. According to the test data, the dust removal efficiency of the pipeline ESP can reach more than 95%. The effect is very obvious. It can solve some pollution brought by the boiler industry to our environment from the root, and thus enhance the cleanliness index of our city.www.icleairs.com