Pipe type electrostatic precipitator should be maintained regularly.

Pipe electrostatic precipitator is one of the most important equipment in modern environmental protection. The product has a very good effect of removing haze. Of course, the product also needs regular maintenance to better use. Pipe electrostatic precipitator is a very important tool for removing haze in life. It uses the property of electrostatic attracting light and small objects, and uses electrostatic to absorb industrial dust. In some large factories, this kind of waste gas treatment method is used.

The working principle of pipeline electrostatic precipitator is to ionize the flue gas by high voltage electric field, and the dust in the airflow is charged and separated from the airflow by electric field. Its performance is affected by three factors, such as dust properties, equipment construction and flue gas velocity. The specific resistance of dust is an index to evaluate the conductivity. It has a direct effect on the efficiency of dust removal.

The specific resistance of the pipe electrostatic precipitator is too low to keep the dust particles on the dust collector electrode, which causes the dust particles to return to the air flow; the specific resistance is too high to discharge the charge of the dust particles reaching the dust collector electrode, and the voltage gradient between the dust layers will cause partial breakdown and discharge. So strictly speaking, the transition of high standards is not conducive to the environmental protection of the whole society, the use of pipeline ESP has become more and more.http://www.icleairs.com/