Performance and technical analysis of electrostatic precipitator and baghouse

1, the dust removal efficiency

From cleaning mechanism, ESP is by charging particles were removed by adsorption, but around 1 micron particles in charge and spread charged mixed zone, charged to poor, making it difficult to remove, studies show 4 electric field of electrostatic precipitator for PM2.5 particle removal efficiency of about 85-92%.

2, energy saving

Electrostatic precipitators and baghouse power share commonly used large, high voltage of electrostatic precipitator electric field, mainly for rectifier transformer energy consumption, 0.3-0.5% per cent of power generation at full capacity, and this does not vary with load and reduce energy consumption.

3, parsimonious steel

Steel plate demand lines of electrostatic precipitator by high voltage electric field, a bag needs consume larger amounts of steel. To bag first 600MW units project in China-Shanxi zhangshan 600MW units chambered reverse blow bag dust collector in power plants, for example, steel consumption only 1479 tons/units, compared with the original design of electrostatic precipitator frugal 2121 tons of steel per unit.