Object and layout of industrial electrostatic precipitator

Industrial electrostatic precipitator is one of the most advanced precipitators at home and abroad. As one of the electrostatic precipitators, industrial electrostatic precipitator sprays water mist directly to the electrode and corona area. Water mist splits further after being charged in the powerful corona field formed by the prickly electrode.


Here, the electric field force, charged water mist collision interception, adsorption and coagulation, together with the dust particles play a trapping role, and eventually the dust particles driven by the electric field force to reach the dust collection pole and be trapped. The object of industrial electrostatic precipitation is dust and fog droplets. It can overcome the bottleneck of traditional electrostatic precipitation technology, such as anti-corona, secondary dust, and so on. It has a very high efficiency of dust removal.


The test results show that the industrial electrostatic precipitator has good removal effect on acid fog, toxic heavy metals and PM10, especially fine dust of PM2.5. Therefore, industrial electrostatic precipitator can be used to control SO3 acid fog and PM2.5 in power plant, and also has the effect of joint removal of multi-pollutants.


Industrial electrostatic precipitator has vertical independent arrangement, horizontal flue gas independent arrangement, vertical flue gas and desulfurization tower overall arrangement, in contrast to the tower top arrangement, directly arranged in the upper part of the new secondary absorption tower, from the transformation of the amount of work, construction period, investment and operation costs are the best.http://www.icleairs.com/