Must not be neglected for inspection and cleaning of use a pipeline electrostatic dust collect.

Pipeline electrostatic dust collector is common in industrial environmental protection equipment category, so its operation is not complicated, usually staff can operate successfully after some training .But for equipment was put into use, must pay special attention to check the running status of equipment parts, parts, is not only in order to better master the equipment running status, but also in order to ensure the stable operation of equipment.

Pipeline electrostatic dust collector run early, it is necessary to view the system of single parts then make adaptive operation and make the function test of part . In daily using,  its necessary to check the details of equipment, especially to check the dust removal efficiency of bag filter.

Pay attention to the change of pipeline electrostatic dust collector host equipment load whether it will affect filter function .In equipment operation,  we should pay close attention to the operation condition of pipeline electrostatic dust collector, make a record about the production situation.

For a pipeline electrostatic dust collector, the rotation direction, rotation speed, bearing oscillation and temperature of the fan will also affect the operation effect of the equipment, so pay more attention to it when it is used.Of course, it can't be ignored whether the handling air volume and the pressure and temperature of test points are consistent with the planning.The equipment condition of the dust removal parts, whether there are bags fall off, looseness, wear and other conditions after operation. It can be judged by the emission condition of the visual chimney after the operation;Pay attention to the circumstance whether the condensation of moisture of the bag-room, and whether the ash system is dredging.

During normal production work, to strengthen the regular cleaning of pipeline electrostatic dust collector , so the clear dust interval also want some scientific and reasonable, let dust collector could in good resistance under the condition of normal operation, effectively remove dust from the work environment.

In addition, regular inspection to pipeline electrostatic dust collector work is also very necessary, suggest operators regularly to inspect, test because of the equipment of every test to get the equipment has good dust removal effect, and try to prolong the service life of the machine.