Modification Technology of Pipeline Electrostatic Precipitator

Remove all kinds of parts inside and on the top of the pipeline ESP, including polar plate, polar line, vibration device, upper and lower frame, rectifier transformer, porous plate and top cover, usually leaving only one empty shell. Install the baffle valves of the inlet and outlet flue of the dust collector, calculate the flue gas flow into each chamber, and carry out the experiment of air distribution to ensure that the air flow in each chamber is relatively uniform.

The flue gas guide plate and air distribution device are installed in the shell of the pipeline ESP. The design of the guide plate should consider anti-wear. According to the location of the air purification chamber and passage, the entrance door, window, aisle and escalator are installed. The entrance door should be sealed and kept warm. The setting of windows should be able to easily see the dust accumulation of the ceiling from the outside of the dust collector.

Pipeline electrostatic precipitator is a necessary equipment for thermal power plants. Its function is to discharge particulate fumes from stoves or oil-fired boilers, thus greatly reducing the amount of fumes discharged into the atmosphere. It is an important environmental protection equipment to improve environmental pollution and air quality.

Pipeline electrostatic precipitator is a kind of dust removal equipment which plays a good role in dust removal. It can produce important performance and trend in dust removal. Compared with other types of dust collectors, pipe electrostatic precipitator has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high dust removal efficiency, low maintenance workload and low operation