Matters needing attention when using industrial electrostatic dust collector for the first time

Industrial electrostatic dust collector is a quite common type of industrial environmental protection dust removal equipment. Its operation and use is still relatively simple. The operator can use it smoothly after a certain training. However, for many industrial electrostatic dust collector that have just been installed, some care must be taken.

For the industrial electrostatic dust collector in the initial operation, the operator needs to pay special attention to the operation status of various components and parts of the equipment. This is very important for understanding the operation of the equipment and ensuring the stable operation of the equipment.

Therefore, it’s necessary to conduct a detailed inspection of the industrial electrostatic dust collector as a whole, and then perform adaptive operations and perform partial functional tests. In the daily use operation, the necessary equipment and details must be checked, especially for the functional dust removal efficiency of industrial electrostatic dust collector. It should be noted that changes in the load on the host equipment will affect the function of the bag filter. During the operation of the equipment, attention should be paid to the operating conditions of the bag filter and records of the relevant production conditions should be made.

At the same time, we must pay attention to the direction of rotation of the fan in the industrial electrostatic dust collector, rotating speed, bearing oscillation and temperature; processing air flow and the test point pressure and temperature are consistent with the plan; dust filter bag device conditions, pay attention to the bag room condensation Whether or not the ash removal system is clear.

In addition, industrial electrostatic dust collector need to be regularly cleaned. The time interval for cleaning should also be scientific and reasonable, so that the dust collector can operate normally under good resistance conditions. It is recommended that operators regularly check and inspect the equipment to ensure that the equipment has a good dust removal effect.