Manufacturing Requirements and Working Principle of AHU Electrostatic Air Purifier

AHU electrostatic air purifier is mainly used in the process of using the fan to draw air into the machine, through the built-in filter screen to filter air, in use can play the role of filtering dust, odor, toxic gases and killing some bacteria. The filter is mainly divided into particulate matter filter and organic matter filter. Particulate filter can be divided into coarse filter and fine filter.


The fundamental difference between the active air purifier and the passive air purifier of AHU static air purifier is that the active air purifier gets rid of the restriction of fan and filter screen, not passively waiting for indoor air to be pumped into the purifier for filtration and purification, but effectively and actively releases purifying and sterilizing factors into the air and diffuses through the air. Point, reach every corner of the room to clean the air without dead corner.


AHU electrostatic air purifier is mainly made up of motor, fan, air filter and other systems. Its working principle is: the motor and fan in the machine circulate indoor air, the polluted air will be removed or absorbed after passing through the air filter in the machine, and some types of air purifier will install negative ion generator at the outlet (engineering). The high voltage in the negative ion generator generates negative direct current high voltage, which ionizes the air continuously and produces a large number of negative ions, which are sent out by the micro fan to form negative ion airflow, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning and purifying the