Maintenance of AHU Electrostatic Air Purifier after Maintenance

1. The AHU electrostatic air purifier should be overhauled once after 2 years of use. The overhaul includes the replacement of corroded or damaged cathode wire, anode plate and vibration parts, transmission parts (motor, reducer), wear-prone parts, insulation layer, etc.

2. AHU electrostatic air purifier should be repaired periodically when it is used, including checking whether the cathode line is broken, whether the anode plate is deformed and whether the cathode and anode hanging points are loose. Check whether there is dust blockage in the hole of distribution plate, wash insulated ceramic shaft, check whether there is vibration hammer falling off, check bearing and vibration transmission device in dust, and change the sealing felt at the cathode insulating box in time because of dust pollution. Change the damaged parts and measure the grounding resistance of the equipment.

3. If the discharger and air lock valve of the ash removal system fail, the high-voltage electricity should be cut off in time to eliminate the failure before production.

4. The cathode wire, anode plate and distribution plate are too thick because of various reasons. When they exceed 5-10MM, they should be beaten continuously. If the continuous beating is ineffective, they should be beaten by cutting off the high-voltage electricity. If the power-off vibration is still ineffective, they should be cleaned manually.

5. Measure the pressure of ESP in order to know the working temperature and pressure of the flue gas in time. During the use of the equipment, thermocouples and pressure gauges are installed in the flue of the inlet and