Maintenance and maintenance of industrial electrostatic precipitator

It should be emphasized that the industrial electrostatic precipitator should also pay attention to maintenance and maintenance in addition to the use of the state. From its working principle analysis, electrostatic precipitator collects dust from waste gas by electrostatic purification method, and its purification work depends on corona electrode and precipitation system to complete.

When the dust-containing gas enters the air horn of the industrial electrostatic precipitator, the dust-containing gas can enter the electric field more evenly after being adjusted by the air distribution plate and the baffle plate. At this time, the manufacturer of the industrial electrostatic precipitator should detect the pressure of the electrostatic precipitator, so as to know the working temperature and pressure of the flue gas in time.

For other parts of industrial electrostatic precipitators, such as air lock valves and star unloaders, lubrication points and cams should be provided on schedule according to the detailed conditions. Grease should be supplied to the surface of the rollers, and special attention should be paid to the coordination of the movement of the moving parts, whether there is misalignment, shedding and loosening. Situation. No air leakage is allowed at the sealing joints of industrial electrostatic precipitators, especially at inspection doors, explosion-proof valves and observation doors. The external dynamic bearings and vibrator transmission structures should be lubricated periodically.