Installation requirements and order of Pipeline Electrostatic Precipitator

Compared with other dust removal equipment pipeline type electrostatic precipitator, showed low resistance, low energy consumption, high dust removal efficiency advantages, almost to various kinds of dust, smoke, and even very small particles have higher efficiency, suitable for the removal of flue gas in 0.01 - 50 m dust, but also can be used in flue gas temperature high pressure situations.


Of course, the premise of all this is the correct pipe electrostatic precipitator. Under normal circumstances, the lower part of the dust remover to go to Taiwan based pre installation inspection and acceptance in accordance with "determine the electric precipitator installation instructions" and the requirements of design drawings to install electric precipitator components, according to the confirmation of acceptance of the basis set benchmark installation of ESP center, and as a reference for installation pole system of yin and yang.


Then check based on plane, column and diagonal error; at the same time also focus attention on the pipeline type electrostatic precipitator casing components, for the transport of deformation correction, return to normal before according to the order of installation.


In general, the pipeline type electrostatic precipitator is the installation of the parts from the bottom layer, such as bearing group, bottom beam, column and wall panels, roof, inlet and outlet, anode system, top cover plate, high voltage power supply and other equipment, so as to form a complete dust removal equipment.


The manufacturing cost of pipeline type electrostatic precipitator is relatively low, the chemical, paint, pigment, glaze spraying and other industries to produce dust with water, viscous and pungent odor is the ideal way to dust, it can not only remove dust, but also can remove a part of odor by water in the washing liquid absorbent preparation absorption.