Installation Requirements and Energy Consumption of Pipeline Electrostatic Precipitator

Pipeline electrostatic precipitator is very convenient in the process of installation, adjustment and maintenance. To a certain extent, it is an ideal dust removal equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises. Its special tubular three-electrode structure is mainly used in its use. It has a wide adaptability to the captured powder. At the same time, appropriate pre-charged electrodes are added at the entrance, which can reach a higher level with a shorter electric field. The dust removal efficiency makes the whole electric field firm and reliable, and the price is low.


Pipeline ESP has low energy consumption and high dust removal efficiency. It is suitable for removing 0.01-50; m dust in flue gas, and can be used in high temperature and pressure flue gas occasions. Practice shows that the larger the amount of flue gas treated, the more economical the investment and operation cost of using ESP.


High-temperature tubular electrostatic precipitator is a second-stage dust collector used in cement industry dryer. It is suitable for drying clay, coal, iron powder and slag. It consists of four vertical metal cylinders as the main part of the electrostatic precipitator. There are many top-less umbrella-shaped dust collecting poles on the inner wall of the cylinder. The barbed corona wires are installed in the center of the cylinder, and spring protective devices are installed at the upper and lower joints of the corona wires. The dust collector with this structure does not produce secondary dust raising, and the dust collecting efficiency reaches 99.8%, and has long service life and dust collecting